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            Hair Care

            The next wave of hair products start here

            As hair care trends evolve, consumers count on you to help them achieve the latest looks with refined, multifunctional products. Dow’s innovative ingredients for hair care can help you create cutting-edge style and sensory experiences that also restore and protect. With a close eye on market trends and decades of application expertise and testing practice, we can work together to develop products that keep your brands at the forefront of the industry.

            Transforming textures for hair care
            Today’s consumers want more than cleansing and conditioning – they want an experience. Check out our new innovative hair care formulations that respond to an intersection of global emerging trends.

            Long-lasting color protection
            Formulate cleansing conditioners that deliver long-lasting color protection and better color intensity and color trueness while also enhancing hair volume and fast drying.

            Quick Links

            Hair Care Selection Guide
            Find all the information you need and discover the perfect ingredients for hair care products that create beauty with impact.

            Age Defying Hair Repair
            Silicone ingredients for age-defying hair repair- protect from breakage, restore shine and smoothness, and prolong color.

            Turn up the Heat,
            Turn Down the Damage
            Heat protection solutions facilitate long-lasting hair styling while defending against the damaging effects of high temps.