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            Value Chain Solutions

            Making a material difference in electronics applications

            Designers and manufacturers from many industries are facing new challenges as they develop next-generation products while working to fulfill evolving consumer needs. With a broad portfolio of electronics materials and global technical expertise, we are ready to deliver on today’s needs and collaborate with you on tomorrow’s challenges. Together we can help you achieve faster processing, higher purity, higher conductivity and more sustainable solutions across the entire electronics value chain.??

            • Semiconductor, display and printed circuit board applications: Providing high purity, low metal, consistent quality solvents, amines, chelants, and surfactants for photo resist, color resist, etchant, stripper and thinner applications?
            • Silicone solutions for display applications: Offering optically clear silicone resins (OCRs), including UV cure and other cure systems for displays, silicone thermal conductives for heat management in displays, as well as materials for assembly and protection??
            • Electronic and advanced modules/systems applications: Delivering solutions for electronic modules, sensors and components used across segments in the electronics industry – including silicone and polyurethane sealants, adhesives, thermal and electrical conductives, electromagnetic interference (EMI) conductives, conformal coatings, gels and encapsulants that protect against heat, moisture, contamination and vibration?
            • Energy applications: Delivering heat transfer and cooling fluids to protect a wide variety of electronics from damaging heat?
            • Printed circuit board assemblies: Delivering gels and pottants, thermally conductive materials, conformal coatings and encapsulants to enable compact devices and help draw heat away from sensitive components?
            • Battery and e-mobility applications: Providing cathode, anode, slurry, coatings, electrolyte, thermally conductive interface materials, foams, gels, and assembly materials like adhesives or sealants for battery, inverter, electric motor, on-board charger and other applications?

            Automotive Electronics Video

            Discover how to take your automotive electronics to the next level