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            Cosmetic Packaging

            Design to turn heads

            From concept to final delivery, we enjoy working with brand owners, designers and converters to develop creative cosmetics packaging that express and enhance brand identity. It may not seem obvious, but there is an art to science. Let’s work together using the latest technology and materials to create beautiful skincare and fragrance applications, such as perfume caps and cream jars.

            Design freedom using cutting-edge ionomer technology

            Creativity should not be inhibited by material capabilities. We’ve designed SURLYN? to support your creative process – not limit it. Whatever statement you are looking to make, SURLYN? can help you get there.

            • Unique neutral transparency, even with thick walls, and glossiness
            • Moldability, even in complicated shapes or overmolded objects, for an elegant look
            • Soft feel and less fingerprint marking
            • Excellent chemical and scratch resistance
            • Distinctive container shapes and decoration techniques with patented SURLYN? 3D production technology

            An easy material to work with

            Design freedom is wonderful, but if your material is difficult to work with your design will still be limited. The SURLYN? ionomer resin portfolio offers,

            • Easy-to-process blow-molding resins with good scratch resistance, chemical resistance, squeezability and barrier performance
            • High-performance extrusion resins well-suited for tubes, sample sachets, pouches, and film-based cosmetics packaging

            You can achieve high transparency and glossiness without the need for an additional production step, one step frosted effects, and more.

            Let’s talk about how SURLYN? ionomer resin can help your creative process.