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            Rigid Containers and Material Handling

            Delivering containers tough enough for the most demanding jobs

            Containers for material handling need to be strong and reliable, meet strict safety and performance requirements, and minimize environmental waste. Explore how we can help you formulate the right product to suit your needs, customized for your particular application.

            Rigid Containers?

            We provide technical expertise and a proven portfolio of polyethylene for injection- and blow-molded tight head pails and containers for food, chemicals, paints and water-based products. Let’s talk about how you can:

            • Formulate for a wide range of demanding performance options for material substitution or new applications
            • Take advantage of advanced taste and odor testing capabilities for institutional and beverage packaging?

            Crates, Pails and Bins?

            Our array of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resins?are ideal for injection-molded items such as plastic crates, pails and bins. Let’s work together to develop solutions that:

            • Offer high processability
            • Are cost-effective, reusable and recyclable
            • Deliver superior toughness, rigidity and strength


            We also offer HDPE resins that provide the uniform flow required to fill the large molds for plastic pallets, collapsible totes and other bulk containers. We can help you:

            • Reduce packaging waste and expand recycling opportunities
            • Improve stiffness, toughness and processability
            • Increase top-load strength and low-temperature impact resistance
            • Enhance rigidity and surface aesthetics