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            Shrink Films

            Can less be more?

            Package integrity. Snug fit around the product. Eye-grabbing shelf appeal. Lower costs. It’s no wonder that collation shrink packaging is growing in use around the world. And we’re happy to say that our work with progressive brand owners helped pioneer collation packaging years ago. Those collaborations have provided decades of valuable experience in the marketplace.

            That experience can help customers make the most of this distinctive packaging. Like increased brand awareness with crystal-clear optics or high quality printing. Reduction of packaging components. Logistics improvements and lower energy consumption. Reduction of post-consumer waste, which can aid sustainability initiatives.

            Select your shrink

            Success does not come from a one-size-shrinks-all portfolio. You can choose from several resins to best match your requirements to the product’s features. Consider these to start.

            • AGILITY? Performance LDPE Resins
            • DOWLEX? GM LLDPE Resins
            • DOWLEX? PE Resins
            • DOW? LDPE Resins
            • INNATE? Precision Packaging Resins
            • ELITE? Enhanced Polyethylene Resins

            Industrial packaging
            Discover solutions for industrial films across applications, including collation shrink.

            More than just films

            Beyond the proven resins, here’s another advantage: comprehensive design, prototyping, and testing facilities. Pack Studios offers 3D virtual modeling of shrink film structures and industry-scale fabrication lines. Our Freeport location has a commercial-scale shrink tunnel, as well as specially designed shrink film puncture and vibration testing.

            Sound pretty incredible? It is! Let’s get together and expand on your shrink needs.

            Quick Links

            Pack Studios Innovation Center
            Come collaborate, innovate and accelerate with Pack Studios.