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            Stretch Films for Packaging

            A competitive edge on protection

            Stretch film traditionally used in protecting pallets of goods through storage and distribution has become more effective and better equipped to work with converters’ high-speed machines. The difference is that core layers are now often based on high-performance polymers. These important details deliver strong benefits across the value chain.

            Converters Packers Brand Owners Logistics Experts
            Efficient and cost competitive film production through: 
            • Downgauging potential 
            • High output and holding force 
            • Consistent cling and more 
            Efficient and cost competitive packing through: 
            • Packaging speeds up to 180 pallets per hour 
            • Flexible technology for manual or machine 
            • High holding force and tear and puncture resistance 
            Goods safely transported through: 
            • Stronger holding force 
            • Enabling reduction of other packaging elements 
            • Cost-effective solution 
            Reduction of wasted goods due to packaging failure through: 
            • Edge and corner stability film  
            • Weight optimization 
            • These improvements also reduce potential of injury to operators. 

            We’ve developed our products for stretch wrap films to tailor to your needs. Whatever the type of film – from hand to machine, from medium to high-stretch – our high-performance resins give the entire value chain the competitive edge. Our products can be used across a wide variety of applications, including:

            • Machine wrap standard, medium and high-performance films ranging from 12-23 μm and 150% to 350% stretch
            • Manual wrap conventional and pre-oriented films ranging from 7-23 μm and little to 50% stretch

            Industrial packaging
            Discover solutions for industrial films across applications, including stretch films.

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