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            Resins, Binders and Film Formers

            Protection and Performance

            Boosting protection and performance across a boundless range of industries

            Silicone- and acrylic-based resins enable excellent adhesion, durability and protection when used as binders and film formers in paints, coatings, finishes and personal care products.

            • Silicone resins are composed of highly crosslinked networks with high silicon-oxygen bond energy, making them stable in harsh environments. The breadth of the silicone resin portfolio allows formulators to tailor specific performance properties, including co-binder and diluent compatibility, hardness, flexibility, water resistance and dielectric properties. Their inherent thermal and UV resistance make them especially useful for protective coatings in demanding environments.
            • Acrylic resins are formed through the polymerization of the esters from acrylic or methacrylic acids along with various specialty acrylate monomers. These resins create a durable and highly UV resistant film making them ideal for use in architectural and industrial formulations to cover, protect and beautify a wide variety of substrates.

            Uses of resin binders and film-formers

            Silicone and acrylic resin binders and film formers have tremendous versatility with benefits across a wide variety of industries:

            • Building and construction – improving sustainability, durability and aesthetics of building materials and moisture, corrosion, temperature extremes and weathering resistance of architectural coatings
            • Paints and coatings – acrylic, silicone, or co-polymer binder systems provide adhesion over a variety of substrates, superior film resistance properties, flexibility, durability, and enhances hiding while enabling low VOC and sustainable solutions necessary for today
            • Personal care – improving wash-off resistance, water repellency, durability and other performance attributes in sun, skin and hair care products; color cosmetics; and deodorants/antiperspirants
            • Films, tapes and release liners – enabling pressure-sensitive adhesives and release coatings that provide exceptional performance over a range of application requirements
            • Textiles, leather and nonwovens – binders for coating and back coating textiles, resins for bonding nonwoven webs, top coat additives and fabric coatings